Let's recycle for life Welcome to ECO-oh! Find out how ECO-oh! processes the household plastic that you separate out into sustainable products. Let's recycle for life

Tomorrow recycling will come naturally

Look around you, there is household plastic waste everywhere. From your kitchen to your garden, we use plastic in fruit and vegetable packaging, bottles, films, those little pots for herbs and plants, and so much more.

At ECO-oh!, we want to inspire you to sort this plastic waste so that we can then ecologically recycle this plastic waste into valuable raw materials. We make 100% recyclable and sustainable products. Ecological edging for the garden with an Ecolat border, an Ecoplanc square foot garden, a sustainable vegetable garden container or compost bin. Street furniture such as garden benches, planters, and picnic tables, as well as building materials such as plastic plates, profiles and poles.

This is how we reduce the waste mountains and offer a sustainable alternative to incineration. Lower CO2 emissions and a smaller ecological footprint. This is better for the environment and for the well-being of future generations.