ECO-oh! inspires inside the Triennale di Milano design museum


ECO-oh! will be presenting a well-thought out and very special project during the Milan Design Week: ‘The New Normal: Let’s recycle for life.’

ECO-oh! believes the sorting of mixed household plastics should come naturally, just like sorting paper and glass today. The only way that we can provide an alternative to incineration is by recycling these plastics into valuable raw materials, which will then be used to manufacture beautiful, completely recyclable products. Products with unique textures and shapes.

We will be launching the new collections of benches for public spaces in the world famous Triennale di Milano design museum: H-bench and Altamira. These collections are proof of the almost unlimited possibilities of post-consumer recycled plastics, designed to respect nature.

It is our mission to inspire designers and manufacturers to re-think existing products and processes, or to design and create new ones. After all, closing the cycle of precious plastics is something we do together.

So feel free to share your inspiration and ideas with us. We would love to talk about creating new products together or about planting some of our new benches in your neighbourhood.

The H-bench and Altamira Collections will be launched in the Triennale di Milano during Design Week 2017, from 4 to 9 April 2017.
ECO-oh! will be presenting ‘The New Normal: Let’s recycle for life’, a project curated by Lorenzo Palmeri for the Design Week 2017.
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