Ecolat edging marches forward in 2016


The Ecolat and Ecopic range of garden edging are being strengthened by being offered in brown in the spring of 2016. The grey version of this successful edging slat is made from 100% recycled household plastic waste; moreover, it comes in a convenient 10 m roll version.

Unique features

Many contractors and gardeners are using Ecolat as a sustainable solution for lawn edges, garden paths, flower beds, vegetable gardens, etc.
An extremely long life, maintenance free, weather resistant, easy to process and completely environmentally friendly. These unique features are the reason this product is a hit.

A product with a story

Ecolat is made from collected household plastic waste. Waste from the kitchen to the garden, from food packaging for meats, fruits, vegetables, and biscuits, as well as plastic plant pots for herbs and plants.
Finally, Ecolat is 100% recyclable at the end of its long life cycle.

A sustainable cycle in favour of reducing the waste mountain, preventing landfill and incineration, and limiting the use of scarce raw materials. A commitment that ECO-oh! would like to share with you in order to preserve nature for future generations.


  • Ecolat, in the colour brown, is available on a roll of 25 m with a height of 14 cm or as 2 m straight slats with a height of 14 cm.
  • Ecopic with brown colour is available with a height of 38 cm.
  • The grey Ecolat on a roll of 10 m is available in heights of 14 cm and 19 cm.