When you opt for ECO-oh!, you’re making an environmentally and cost-conscious decision

For an elegant, sustainable garden, choose ECO-oh!. Our products respond to the needs of avid gardeners in their quest to create a creative, flexible design for their garden. Two features that top the list are: economic and ecological.
Economic because the products require little to no maintenance, are waterproof and moisture-resistant, are easy to work with and have a long life. Ecological because they are made from 100% recycled plastic waste and can be completely recycled again at the end of their life.

Be inspired by our range of sustainable products for the garden and enjoy the numerous benefits. This is how we help shape a cleaner planet with happy people, using plastics that benefit nature.

  • Tomorrow, recycling will come naturally
  • It starts with you sorting your plastic waste at home
  • At ECO-oh!, we process plastic waste and turn it into valuable raw materials
  • ECO-oh! products are fully recycled and fully recyclable
  • This is better for people and the environment