Minister Schauvliege applauds record collection of mixed plastics using the pink bag


Ivarem, the waste intermunicipal company for the region of Mechelen, and the City of Mechelen thank their residents for enthusiastically sorting their mixed household residual plastics so well.

Recent figures have shown that the volume of plastics collected in the pink bags has significantly increased in the past three years. This was 7.8 kg/resident in 2016 for collection via the recycling centre and door-to-door collection combined.
Moreover, Mechelen’s residents have set themselves apart thanks to the incredibly high quality and clean sorting of their mixed plastic waste.

The pink bag communicates a clear sorting message towards the citizen, with the advantage of less residual waste that just winds up going to the incinerator and the related CO2 emissions.
97% of the mixed plastics in the pink bag are maximally recycled into valuable raw materials and high-quality recyclable products.

Thus, ECO-oh! created the new H-bench, a modular design bench for public spaces that make these sorting efforts immediately tangible. Joke Schauvliege, Flemish Minister for the Environment, was present at their premiere in Mechelen. She emphasised the Flemish companies’ innovative drive to create a circular model and manufacturing industry with recycled post-consumer plastics, which will benefit the Flemish economy in terms of employment and growth.

ECO-oh! is presenting the H-bench, together with several other innovations during the international furniture trade fair to be held at the Triennale di Milano design museum. The company is looking for export partners who have been convinced by this circular philosophy and the unlimited possibilities of recycled residual plastics.

Read more about the ECO-oh! project in the Triennale di Milano design museum.

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