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    Alternate island
  • Alternate island


There are three types of alternate island in the ECO-oh! range: type 1 (left), type 2 (right) and type 3 (rectangular).

The top surface has a light slope of a few degrees. This prevents standing water collecting on the top. The edge of the island has a slope of +/- 70°. The alternate islands are fixed to the ground by means of anchor bolts.

Putting the islands in place is very simple. Thy can placed onto the road surface using a crane (weight of a single island varies between 120 kg and 210 kg). Removal of the road surface is completely unnecessary. This allows you to quickly build traffic-calming measures to prevent vehicles straying into the wrong lane.

There is a surface (square 26 x 26 cm) for attaching road traffic signs in the middle of the island.

The upper surface and the inclined sides can be coloured differently. In this case, the inclined side has been finished with a reflective layer.

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