• construction module
    removable elements
    optimal aeration
    Compost bin construction module
  • Compost bin construction module


Recycling your organic garden and kitchen waste in a container with a practically unlimited life, made of recycled plastic waste. Can it get any more environmentally friendly?

The ECO-oh! compost bin is modular and can be expanded using construction modules. By placing 2 or 3 compost bins next to each other, it is possible to move composting material from one container to the next. The possible combinations are endless.

The removable elements on the front make it easy and fun to use. The sustainable material is UV-resistant, waterproof, rot-proof and rodent-proof. The high insulation reduces heat loss to the environment. It can only benefit the composting process.

As does the necessary aeration that this well-thought-out construction provides. Moreover, acids, salts and/or the microbial activity in the compost will not affect this compost bin.

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