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  • L-stones
  • L-stones


With ECO-oh! L-stones, you can quickly create a roundabout, traffic measures to prevent vehicles straying into the wrong lane or road narrowing, without changing the road surface. Groundworks are not required.

All the components have feet so that rain water can flow beneath. This prevents dangerous situations during heavy rainfall. A drain channel located beneath the roundabout can continue to do its job.

After drawing the roundabout on the road, the L-stones can be put in place. Two galvanized metal straps (width 25 mm, thickness 1 mm) keep the blocks in place. The distance between the straps is about 20 cm. The straps are attached to each L-stone with 2 screws (4 per block).

The bottom panels, upon which a plastic film is applied, are then put in place. A layer of geotextile is placed on top of this film.

Finally, earth and compost are added so you can begin planting. The result is a green oasis on a grey road.

The L-stones can be coated in various colours. Reflectors may also be fitted to the L-stones to increase visibility.

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