• Weather resistant
    Lowered guiding element
  • Lowered guiding element
  • Lowered guiding element
  • Lowered guiding element


ECO-oh! guide elements quickly provides separation between traffic on busy roads, separation between the road and bicycle path or a prevention measure to stop vehicles straying into the wrong lane, etc.

The lowered guiding element is 25 cm high and available in two lengths: 100 cm and 75 cm (useful length). For both of these types, there is an adapted start element and end element.

The elements have pinholes, ensuring excellent connection. The diameter of the pin/hole connection is 13 cm, the height is 6 cm. They can be easily anchored to the ground.

The guiding elements can be colour-coated; for example, alternating red & white or yellow & black.
In order to make them more visible, and thus work more effectively, they can be equipped with glass beads, reflectors or even LED-lights.

For the attachment of road traffic signs onto the guiding elements, special holders are available.

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